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Practicing effective housekeeping is essential in controlling or eliminating workplace hazards. Poor housekeeping practices often contribute to incidents. If the presence of paper, debris, clutter, and spills is considered normal, more serious hazards may be overlooked. Housekeeping goes beyond cleanliness; it involves maintaining work areas in a neat and orderly manner, keeping halls and floors free of slip and trip hazards, and promptly removing waste materials (such as spills and used rags) and other fire hazards from work areas.

Regular hazardous waste collection is integral to fostering good housekeeping practices. This approach facilitates the separation of materials suitable for recycling from those destined for waste disposal facilities. Allowing materials to accumulate on the floor not only wastes time but also consumes unnecessary energy, as extra time is then needed for cleanup.

Strategically placing hazardous waste bins near areas of waste production promotes orderly waste disposal, streamlining the collection process. It is imperative that all waste receptacles be clearly labeled for easy identification and proper disposa

In the event of spills, prompt cleanup is crucial. Utilise absorbent materials to effectively address greasy, oily, or liquid spills. Ensure the proper and safe disposal of used absorbents.

  • We supply Hazbox
  • We supply 120/240L bin.
  • We supply 660L bin
  • We supply 1000L IBC
  • We supply 205L Drums , Steel or Plastic

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