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Hazbox Service

Thinking about our HazBox Service ?

Intexo's Hazbox is designed specifically for businesses such as these. Items such as batteries, paint tins and aerosols represent a fire risk and are classed as hazardous. As such all business, regardless of size or structure, have responsibility to dispose of these items in line with regulations.

Hazardous waste is not only produced by large scale industries. Small businesses, commercial offices , construction sites and in fact, any type of business may be producing hazardous waste without even realising it.

Easy & safe

Flexible Service

How to use the HazBox

Simply store away the HazBox in a safe place and fill with small hazardous wastes.
Once your HazBox is full - contact us for a convenient date and time to make a collection.


Hazbox Benefits

Delivers an easy and safe way to store.

  • Cleaners/detergents.

  • Toner Cartridges.

  • Paint tins.

  • Batteries.

  • Collection Procedure

    Our collection driver will arrive at your workplace at the agreed time and date. The HazBox will be exchanged for an empty one. Please sign the EPA Waste Tracking Certificate by the driver. .

  • Cost effective and legally compliant solution for your business.

    NTEXO’s collection service for small mixed hazardous wastes has been designed to provide safe storage, segregation and transportation of your waste. Our HazBox offers a simple, cost effective and legally compliant solution for your business.

  • HazBox Service.

    Specifically tailored to meet the needs of producers who generate small volumes of hazardous waste - such as aerosols, batteries, paints and adhesives, contaminated rags and wipes, oils and cleaning chemicals - the HazBox provides a cost effective method of ensuring waste producers remain compliant with all disposal legislation.