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Liquid Waste Services

Many businesses encounter the necessity of managing liquid wastes, encompassing a spectrum from oils and grease trap residues to acids, wash waters, hydrocarbon waste, solvents, and spray booth waste.

It is imperative to note that liquid waste cannot be indiscriminately disposed of in the general waste stream, as there exist stringent regulations governing its proper disposal. Compliance with these regulations is crucial, as untreated release of liquid waste into the environment may pose significant harm, depending on its nature and associated risks.

To facilitate responsible waste management, businesses can store liquid waste in designated holding tanks or opt for packaging solutions such as drums, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), or approved small containers. Adhering to proper disposal procedures not only ensures regulatory compliance but also safeguards the environment from potential adverse effects associated with untreated liquid waste.

Large Quantities

Small Quantities

We possess the expertise to efficiently manage liquid waste across a spectrum of volumes, ranging from small quantities to bulk containers and large tanks. Our collection services are characterised by swift response times, ensuring a prompt and reliable solution for your liquid waste disposal needs.

Waste Streams

INTEXO has the expertise to assist your business with its collection, removal and recycling of liquid waste.

  • Oily Waters

  • Acids

  • Flammables

  • Contaminated Waters

  • Catering for all types of customers

    INTEXO brings specialised expertise to support your business in the collection, removal, and recycling of liquid waste.

  • Divert liquid waste from landfills

    Intexo is committed to resource recovery and works with clients to identify cost-effective treatment solutions which divert liquid waste from landfills, where possible.